Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Every woman deserves to be handled like a princess, She just needs to find her prince.-  Mitchell Edward Page

I know that I put up some creative Valentine’s Day ideas for single girls last week so I wanted to share some fun ideas for couples today.  The idea of romantic love is precious and a bit mysterious to me.  What is it that makes two people fall in love and stay in love?  And even more importantly, how do you keep the spark alive as the years go by?

I recently picked up a fun little book called Crazy Love, written by author Grace Edwards, that’s full of creative ways to show your partner how much you love them.  Grace’s ideas are so clever and I love the way she suggests taking everyday moments and turning them into something memorable and special.

I’m sharing some of my favorites below.  I hope that one day I’ll be lucky enough in love to use some of these ideas!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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