Thom Filicia’s New Take on Traditional Style

Being dull and boring is far more tragic than being tacky.- Thom Filicia

My mom and I have been watching Bravo’s new show Get a Room, starring designers Thom Filicia and Carson Cressley, and can’t get enough of it.  The entire Bravo network has always been a guilty pleasure for us (umm….did anyone say Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?) but now that they have launched home and design shows we are even more hooked.  And to top it all off Carson is insanely funny and Thom has an incredibly curated sense of style.

Carson & Thom meeting with a client on Get a Room.

Thom, who has his own design firm in New York and a furniture line, has an incredible knack for designing spaces that feel traditional yet modern at the same time.  His interiors are always the perfect mix of old and new and never feel stuffy.  I love how he takes traditional design elements, like using symmetry for balance, and reinvents them by emphasizing scale and texture.  Thom’s lake house in up state New York is the perfect representation of this new take on traditional design.

Thom’s lake house living room.

This room is to die for!  It really showcases some of the key elements that he uses over and over in his designs.  Thom is able to tie an eclectic mix of furnishings together by relying on symmetry, texture and modern elements to make it work.  His lake house living room is a perfect example of this.

The pair of chic lamps that flank the sofa and the matching Parson’s style end tables add symmetry to the space.  The layered rugs add texture and the modern elements like the pair of upholstered chairs from Thom’s own line and the sleek cocktail table keep the room looking up-to-date.  From watching the show, it also appears that he is a big fan of using modern art in his interiors.

A pair of outdoor lanterns flanks the stone fireplace.

The splatter art is so chic.

The staircase is another great example of Thom’s masterful use of texture.  The grasscloth wallpaper, paneled ceiling and roman shades all add interest to a space that might otherwise be overlooked.

Anchoring a space with a large focal point, like the taxidermied deer head, or the large domed shade over the dining table makes each room memorable and draws your eye in.

I love how he never forgets the ceiling!  It is the fifth wall, right?!

Even the powder room has a memorable piece.  The eagle makes the space unforgettable & is a nod to the house’s natural setting.

The bedrooms are the perfect balance between rustic and refined.  The rattan chair & driftwood lamp are the perfect foil to the luxurious upholstered bed.

A Navajo rug takes center stage at the foot of the bed in the guestroom.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of both Thom and Carson in the design world.  The show has wrapped for the season but you can still catch each episode on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  I can’t wait for season two!

Photos by Leslie Unruh for One King’s Lane.

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