The Hillside Homestead in Suttons Bay, Michigan

People have come disconnected from where their food comes from, from the way life used to be lived; and here you can have this real, authentic experience.- Susan Odom

In February, my mom and I are looking forward to a weekend getaway at food historian Susan Odom’s Hillside Homestead Historic Farmstay in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Suttons Bay is a quaint and charming Northern Michigan town located within the rolling hills of Leelanau county. We’ve visited many times before in the summer but have never been in the winter so that should be interesting! With the snow coating the landscape, it should be beautiful and romantic.

The Hillside Homestead is not your typical Bed and Breakfast. Staying here is like taking a literal step back in time as everything at the inn is based on what life was like on a 1910 farm. The farmhouse, built sometime between 1900 and 1910, is historically accurate to the early twentieth century and features a parlor outfitted with a pump organ and phonograph. There is no TV and Odom says she’s never had a guest even miss it!

The entire experience is based around food and Susan keeps pigs and chickens, all heritage breeds, on the farm. In the morning, guests are treated to a historically accurate breakfast, made on a wood cook stove, which includes escalloped eggs, bacon, ham, egg toast, graham gems (can’t wait to try those!), cinnamon rolls and fresh seasonal fruit. The menu is based on seasonal and local foods and historic dinners are also offered.

Susan even dresses like a 1910 farm wife! How cool is that??!! We are so looking forward to our stay and can’t wait to report back on what it was like. Fortunately, the farm does have wireless internet (the best of both worlds!) so you can be sure we’ll be instagramming up a storm- especially at breakfast. I can already taste the bacon!

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