The Best Books for Juicing & Healthy Eating

Let juice be thy medicine and medicine by thy juice.- Hippocrates

In our new quest for healthy living, my mom and I have had a lot of fun adding some new juicing and healthy cooking books to our kitchen library.  Healthy living resolutions can sometimes be hard to stick with but we’ve found that having books with gorgeous pictures and great recipes keep us inspired and motivated.

We’re having so much fun juicing (it’s the little things right?!!) and that’s thanks in large part to Eric Helms’s The Juice Generation book. The book is divided into phases which are designed to help get your tastebuds used to drinking all of these great juice concoctions.  There are also great tips and hints about shopping for and prepping produce along with amazing, yummy recipes for juices and smoothies.

Eric Helms, owner of Juice Generation.

Our favorite cookbook right now is Powerfoods which was written by the Martha Stewart team.  In our opinion, pretty much everything Martha does is perfect and Powerfoods is no exception.  It has so many amazing, healthy recipes along with incredibly pretty pictures that actually make you want to eat healthy food (imagine that!).  And leave it to Martha to have a complete glossary of health terms in the back.

And finally, The New Health Rules by Dr. Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide to everything you need to know about health now. It has tips on everything from eliminating sugar to eating only grass fed beef to exercising in the way that children play.  A keeper for sure!

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