Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

At Christmas, all roads lead home.- Marjorie Holmes

Since we’ve moved to a smaller space, my mom and I have had to get creative with our Christmas decor.  This is the first year that we haven’t put up a large tree and instead went with a tabletop one.  We have a new puppy, Gigi, and she is into everything so we thought it would be best to have the tree off of the floor.  I’ll have to admit that at first I wasn’t so sure of having a mini tree but it’s really grown on me and I don’t even miss the larger tree.

We’ve decorated it with our collection of vintage ornaments and it looks so pretty. Sometimes smaller is better. I know some of you may live in a smaller space and it can be challenging trying to make everything festive while keeping size constraints in mind.  I think tabletop trees really pack a punch while saving on space.  Their small size allows your ornaments to shine and placing one in an urn always looks so chic.


Another idea, for small spaces, that I love is placing vintage ornaments in glass jars and glass bowls and underneath cloches.  It’s a great way to show off your collection of ornaments and adds some festive cheer to spaces that might otherwise be difficult to decorate.  I love the idea of filling glass jars in the kitchen with bright bulbs - it’s unexpected and fun.

Don’t have a mantel to hang your stockings?  No problem!  They’ll look adorable hung from your dresser or add stocking holders to a credenza and you’ll have the perfect impromptu fireplace.

Another idea I love for small spaces is to hang a boxwood or ornament wreath from a mirror.  It’s inexpensive and makes a big impact.  The devil is in the details!  Pick up a boxwood wreath from your local Trader Joe’s or buy a small live wreath from your favorite nursery.

I hope some of these ideas will work beautifully in your small space.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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