Going Grey

Live your life and forget your age.- author unknown

We think that one of the chicest and most courageous things a woman of a certain age can do is to embrace going grey. In a culture that values youth above all else, it takes a lot of courage to do this. Most women continue to color their hair all of their life. We’re all about doing what makes you feel best about yourself so if doing this gives you confidence, we’re all for it. But there’s just something about going grey that says take me as I am- older but still sexy, vibrant and confident. There is just something undeniably fearless about a woman- no matter her age- who is confident with where she is in life.

We’ve rounded up a few examples of women who look stunning with grey hair.  If you’re comfortable embracing your grey, we say go for it!

The stunning Linda Fargo, VP of Bergdorf Goodman, looks so chic in her sleek, silver bob.

Linda Rodin, founder of Rodin Olio Lusso cosmetics, always looks amazing with her grey hair piled into a chic bun.

The world’s oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe, looks so elegant in her long grey locks at 87.

One of our favorites, model Carmen dell’Orifice, has worn her hair grey for years. It makes her gorgeous face even more striking.

And who could forget seductress Mrs. Robinson’s undeniably sexy grey streak in her wavy bob.  Perhaps it made her even more irresistible to Benjamin?

Model Cindy Joseph looks amazing in her long, wavy grey hair.  It has a laid back, bohemian vibe which we love.

Images via Pinterest.

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