Bobbi Brown Makeup Master Class

Makeup is so simple, let me show you how.- Bobbi Brown

A few weeks ago my mom and I attended a Bobbi Brown Makeup Master Class at Nordstrom.  If you’re a regular reader here at The Ladies McCann, you can imagine how excited we were since we’re such huge Bobbi fans.  I’m happy to report that the class was fabulous!  It focused on Bobbi’s secrets to getting perfect skin and was taught by the beautiful and talented Rasa who is Bobbi’s Education and Artistry Executive.

My mom with Rasa.

When we arrived at the class Rasa selected my mom as her model for the day.  What fun for my mom! There were about twenty other ladies in the class and we each did our own makeup, with help from Rasa’s assistants, by following along with what Rasa was doing on our beautiful model.

Rasa working her magic.

Rasa made the class environment so fun and supportive and really encouraged each of us to celebrate our own unique beauty.  Since the focus of the class was on how to get perfect skin, we spent quite a bit of time prepping our skin with Bobbi’s amazing skincare line. All of Bobbi’s skincare is designed to prime your skin for makeup which I love.

Our prep started with the Extra Treatment Lotion, Extra Repair Serum, Extra Repair Eye Cream and the Extra Repair Moisture Cream.

1. Extra Treatment Lotion- I absolutely loved this product!  You apply it to your skin after cleansing and it’s ‘a great pre-moisturizer step’.  It takes the place of a traditional toner and leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and smooth.

2. Extra Repair Serum- Bobbi is a huge fan of serums and so am I.  This serum is so luxurious and milky that it’s literally like giving your skin a drink.  It comforts skin while firming and moisturizing it too.

3. Extra Eye Repair Cream- Rasa really stressed the importance of having a good quality eye cream that will prep the under eye area for corrector and concealer.  This cream is rich and concentrated and targets skin aging by boosting skin’s collagen production and by strengthening skin’s moisture barrier.  Warm it your between your fingers before gently patting around eyes.

4. Extra Repair Moisture Cream- I love this moisturizer!  It leaves my skin feeling so supple and hydrated plus it’s smell is heavenly.  It’s lightweight yet luxurious and is ideal for prepping skin for flawless foundation application.  Over time, it will also plump and smooth the look of fine, dry lines.

5. Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm- Rasa called this product ‘Cinderella Cream’ because of it’s illuminating effect.  It helps give you an incredible natural glow with its skin-illuminating pearls.  Apply to skin before makeup.

The next major step is Bobbi’s “Secret of the Universe” which is corrector and concealer.  Rasa told us that one of the most important things is to look bright eyed and youthful so corrector and concealer is a must. And if you correct the under eye area, you end up wearing less makeup.

1. Corrector- Corrector does two things; it corrects color and lifts skin.  It cuts color under the eye area and brightens your look.  When applying, use long strokes with the concealer blending brush and then pat with finger.

2. Creamy Concealer Kit- Applying your skin tone correct concealer on top will even everything out.

Now that our skin was fully prepped and corrected, we were ready for foundation or tinted moisturizer.  Bobbi has 26 shades of foundation so there is something that will suit every skin tone.

1. SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer- I like something with lighter coverage so I chose to go with a tinted moisturizer. The extra light tint was a perfect match for my fair skin.  I would definitely recommend this color for all the fair skinned ladies out there. This product also has SPF in it so it’s ideal for the summer months coming up.

2. Classic Foundation Brush- This brush is a must for getting a flawless foundation or tinted moisturizer application.  It helped my makeup to go on so smoothly and made the whole process seem effortless and easy.

Now you know the secret to getting gorgeous skin with Bobbi.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Bobbi Master Class, I highly recommend that you go.  You’ll have so much fun and will leave feeling so pretty and confident.  This class really helped both my mom and me to feel so much better about ourselves.  Thank you, Rasa!




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