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Detroit is full of talent.- Martha Reeves

Detroit is making a comeback.  There are so many talented people who are either returning to the city or moving there for the first time to renovate houses and open businesses.  I believe in the city, that my dad was born and raised in, so much so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that the American Rehab series on the DIY Network is featuring a young couple as they renovate their historic Detroit home.

Christopher Lee and Amy Feigley-Lee sit in the restored living room of their Detroit home.

This isn’t your typical rehab series though.  What makes the show so special is that the home once belonged to Christopher’s great-grandparents, Daniel and Patrice Foley.  After raising 10 of their 11 children in the home, they lost it in the Great Depression.

Daniel and Patrice Foley in the home, 1926.

The exterior today.

In 2007, Christopher, who’s an artist and art instructor, tracked the home down and bought it for $8,100 in a foreclosure sale.  He and Amy were living in Manhattan at the time and decided to move back to the city.  They set to work on renovating the house which was in a total state of disrepair after having sat empty for 5 years.  Chris and Amy had never done any type of renovation work before which makes the story even more amazing.

The projects that the duo take on are mind boggling and they’re not afraid to tackle anything.  The show came about when a tv producer spotted an article in The Detroit Free Press about the renovation.  Chris and Amy, who share the home with their baby daughter Ruby, are passionate about preserving as many of the home’s original details as possible which I love.

The kitchen before the renovation.  Notice the original 1920s sink.  It was saved for the new kitchen.

The kitchen today.

Chris even painstakingly repaired a pair of original gorgeous pocket doors in the living room.  The original bathtubs were also saved.  Detroit based interior designer Ellen Premtaj worked with Chris and Amy on preserving the home’s character while still keeping it modern enough for a 21st century family.

The end of the series concludes with a family reunion as members of the Foley family, some of whom haven’t seen the home in years, fly in from all over the country to see the renovations.  How cool is that?!!  The 6 part series airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. through February 26 on the DIY Network.  I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

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