“Good comes to those who wait” – Dorothy McCann Garber

After finding a sterling silver card holder, monogrammed with their mother and grandmother’s initials, in a London antiques market, Gretchen and Cait McCann Vincent were inspired to embark on a creative project that would celebrate Dorothy’s chic legacy.  They just didn’t know what that project would be.  Finally, inspiration struck and the idea was born to create a generation lifestyle blog that celebrates the timeless chic of Dorothy’s era updated with a modern twist.

Dorothy, born to a family of Michigan clothiers, was rarely seen without the collar turned up on her white shirts and a wide belt cinching her waist.  Style wasn’t just about fashion for Dorothy but instead infused every aspect of her life in a small Michigan town.  She passed this love of gracious living onto her daughter, Gretchen, who is a member of the baby boomer generation.


As a member of this generation, Gretchen brings a unique perspective to The Ladies McCann.  Like so many other baby boomer women, she is interested in anti-aging beauty tips, staying fashionable yet age appropriate and living with joy and purpose during this phase of life.  She has worked as an interior designer and is passionate about creating beautiful environments that reflect the homeowner’s personality.

You might say that style is truly the tie that binds these women together, as Cait, the third generation and a Millennial, is also passionate about living with style.  She is also an interior designer.  Her creative vision has been influenced by studying the works of Sister Parish, Billy Baldwin and Nancy Lancaster in addition to those of her grandmother and mother.  Cait adores Diana Vreeland, classic films and collecting rare art books.

The authors have a passion for interiors, fashion, travel and food.  Their aesthetic has been honed by visiting everywhere from antique shops that dot Michigan’s back roads to trips abroad to Paris, London and Florence.  They are Michigan based and are excited to focus on the rich design heritage of their home state.   Michigan is experiencing a creative renaissance and The Ladies McCann will be featuring the businesspeople and creatives who are breathing new life into their beautiful state.

When not writing, Gretchen and Cait can be found contemplating art at the DIA, strolling through Detroit’s Eastern Market or rearranging their gallery wall.  Join them on their adventures as they seek out the beauty that makes everyday glamorous.