A True Love Story

True love stories never have endings.- Richard Bach

My maternal grandparents, Jack and Dorothy Garber, have an amazing love story. All stories have a beginning and theirs began when they were just thirteen years old in the small waterfront town of Linwood, Michigan. Linwood, located on the shores of the Saginaw Bay, was a popular place to have a weekend getaway from the 1920s through the ’40s. Both my grandparents summered there and their paths fatefully crossed on a warm day when my great-grandfather, Guy S. Garber, was out riding his horse.

He spotted my grandmother, Dorothy, out walking and according to family lore, always said that, “I saw her first!” when it came to discussing how his son met his future wife. I can only imagine how beautiful she looked that day, as a young girl on the cusp of womanhood, as she walked along the water’s edge.

She married her love, Jack, in a candlelit ceremony in November of 1937 on the staircase of her grandparent’s home in Midland, Michigan. The next day my grandmother wore a special going away suit for her Chicago honeymoon.

My mother tells me that from that day forward her parents were truly inseparable. They had so much love for each other and quickly set to work building their lives as a young couple.

My grandparents loved building and decorating houses. Their first house was a sunny and optimistic looking white Cape Cod with blue shutters in a neighborhood called Lathrup Park. They went on to build four more houses where they raised their growing family.

As their children grew older, they bought a cabin cruiser and began to spend their summers on Northern Michigan’s sparkling lakes. From photos, I can see how happy they looked as they sat on the boat’s deck and relaxed while their children and dogs played nearby.

They were both incredibly lucky to have found each other to love. Their homes were always filled with love and laughter and a few adorable dogs too.

My grandparents were married until 1974 when my grandfather passed away at the young age of sixty. I can only imagine how heartbreaking this was for my grandmother. For the rest of her life, she never stopped loving or missing Jack.

May we all be so lucky to have a love story that never ends.

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